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Marion Talbi

PhD student

Originally from France, where I completed a Bachelor's degree in Biology & Sciences of Biodiversity in Lyon, and a Masters in Ecology and Evolution in Toulouse. During my Masters I worked on a population genetics project in species delimitation and also used genomics to study the erosion of diversity due to linked selection with Pierre-Alexandre Gagnaire in Montpellier. I am currently working on the evolution of the recombination landscapes within percomorph fishes.



If you have scientific curiosity and an interest in evolutionary biology, genomics, and/or bioinformatics, do get in touch.

On the Masters level, I am especially happy to supervise thesis projects for the Masters in Bioinformatics at the University of Bern and for the MPhil in Computational Biology in Cambridge. I am going to offer specific project ideas, but also feel free to write to me with your own ideas. 

If you already have a PhD, I am happy to support  post-doc fellowship applications that either develop existing projects or explore related topics.

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